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Launch: 18 MAY 2022 at 09:00 am UTC
Presale: 15 MAY 2022 at 12:00 am UTC



Realistic and Profitable APY

Earn directly passive income from Vigor Loop company profits!

You hold a $OVO COIN = You hold a share of our company!

Every $million of dollars made is totally shared among the holders of $OVO Coin! 

If Vigor Loop makes only 1% of RedBull revenue it means $70,000,000 per month to be shared with the community!

What are you waiting for ???

Let's redefine philanthropy!

The purpose of the Vigor Loop ecosystem is to utilize the blockchain to its full potential, something that has never been seen before. A community-driven company where benefits are shared, promoting human welfare while building a more sustainable world.

The triumphant formula

A tasty energy drink meant to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Boosted with vitamins and active ingredients in a mix designed to keep you focused, reduce fatigue and increase mental performance.

One of a kind

Own a share of the company by holding Coins!

The $OVO Coin will be tradable at $0.04 on its first day. Is expected to gain value constantly over time, as is backed by a meticulous system, a powerful corporation and a huge community on a mission to benefit everyone.

Now is time to get $OVO Coins for at least 30% discount from the presale!

We are together on this

You spread the voice and we reward you back. Simple. Let’s have fun and share some cool prizes, while letting others hear about Vigor Loop. Don’t miss your opportunity to join the ongoing promotions. Check them out!

Building a better environment

Here at Vigor Loop, we strive to be as sustainable as possible! We know how important it is to have the necessary conditions to live in harmony, have a clean ecosystem or good education. That’s why we do our best to fight poverty by supporting charity associations, at the same time that we encourage recycling, for a greener world.

In the end it's all about you

Your voice has power. Listening to our customers and the loyal community will lead us to make the necessary changes in order to build the environment where everyone prospers. By virtue of your opinion we make a difference on the market, improving everyday. Check out the latest reactions on our drink.


The crypto community is booming, and there are many big influencers presenting new projects and doing interviews with developers on their channels. There are two big YouTubers that have recently interviewed our founders and they will share it with millions of subscribers in the upcoming days.


What is Vigor Loop?

Vigor Loop is an innovative Corporation owned and managed by everyone who wants to be part of it. A brand whose profits made by selling products(Energy Drinks, Clothing and both GYM Accessories & Supplements) are shared with the holders. In other words, Vigor Loop gets you all ready and set for the GYM while taking good care of your finances.

How does the staking work?

According to the Dividends on the Stock Market principle, Vigor Loop Company pays regular dividends to its shareholders. $OVO Coins can be staked by everyone, any day of the month. On the last day of each month, the profits made from the products are shared. Staking is accessible via DASHBOARD and it will be enabled once the $OVO Coin goes live. The dApp was made in order to be user-friendly even with the new people in the Crypto world, offering a variety of features.

Who is the Vigor Loop team?

Composed by highly experienced entrepreneurs with ambitious objectives, having over 20 members at the moment. A team formed by idealists from different parts of the world but working together in the same office. We’re still growing and looking for new associates. Currently, you can contact the Founders which are displayed on the “ABOUT US” page.

Why should I invest?

A huge percentage of the profits made by the company are directly converted to $OVO Coins and shared among the loyal community. The smart contract was developed to ensure a realistic and profitable evolution, maintaining a constant upward trajectory even when there are sell transactions. There is no need for you to sell in order to make considerable profits, hold your coins and receive BNB at every transaction.

What makes Vigor Loop different from the rest?

For the first time in a Crypto project, we inject fiat from outside the Crypto market in our asset. Our Staking function allows you to make monthly passive income from a business that may produce $millions in revenue from its first month. Since we are an accessible and profitable company for many social classes, we’re targeting enormous groups of people through social media platforms, advertising, running promotions and by participating in various global events – food and drink events, concerts, crypto events and many more.

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