At Vigor Loop we dream big. For this reason, we are a very challenging environment for creative minds. To protect and grow our brand, we require extraordinary composure, creativity, and commercial savvy. The Vigor Loop brand provides unique challenges, and we foster a supportive environment where creativity, resilience, and commercial awareness enable success. A growing brand offering today the opportunity to work for us in a variety of demanding and well-remunerated positions. You may submit your application now, and we will review each application carefully.

All applicants will be contacted and given additional information about each position only if they are considered for the role

Jobs availability

Growth Marketing Manager

From the beginning, we expected a high growth rate, but we are now aiming to expand even further. Throughout this role, you will be working remotely with a small team to expand the awareness of our products and services, plan and execute creative marketing campaigns both online and offline. In addition to being highly autonomous, you will also need to work collaboratively with the marketing team.

Blockchain Developer

The development of Vigor Loop Co and OVO Coin will occur at a rapid and unprecedented rate. To join our growing development team, we are looking for a talented blockchain developer. Your skill set will include expertise in Java, Smart Contracts, WEB3.js, SOLIDITY and blockchain technology in order to create the most advanced smart contracts and blockchain code in the industry

Community Moderation Team

In order to prevent scams, phishing attempts, and inappropriate behaviour, our moderators make every effort to keep our community members safe. It is very important for us to maintain a safe environment for our new members and holders as that is our highest priority and goal. It is our mission to keep our members and investors abreast of all past, present, and future potential issues.

Customer Service Representative

Building positive relationships with our customers and clients is fundamental to our brand. We are seeking customer service representatives to respond to customer inquiries. Additionally, you will be required to process orders, modify orders, and escalate complaints across a wide range of communication channels. It is essential for this position that you are able to remain calm when customers are frustrated and that you have experience working with computers.

Project expansion manager

From both a marketing and sales perspective, a project expansion manager will be able to grow Vigor Loop’s business. This professional might focus on establishing relationships or partnerships with other businesses in order to increase revenue and increase growth opportunities. Project expansion managers are responsible for identifying new business opportunities within the organisation and with other companies. During this process, he will consider new markets, potential areas for expansion or growth, new partnerships, ways to reach other existing markets, as well as ways to appeal to ideal customers.

Sales manager

Your focus is on generating new leads and generating revenue for the company. Management of sales teams consists of hiring and motivating high-performing teams, generating leads, meeting or exceeding revenue forecasts, and meeting customer needs, as well as building relationships and closing deals.

Chief marketing officer

The role of this team member will be to focus on our customers and to find out what they think of our products or services. Moreover, they maintain positive relationships between our company and our consumers by interacting with them and acting as an interim community manager. As a member of the team, this individual will be able to work with the product manager to incorporate customer feedback into the product development process.

Business development executive

You will be working for an exciting commercial beverage company as a business development executive, speaking with new potential clients and managing relationships with existing members. This is a fantastic opportunity for a driven graduate with some previous experience in a professional client-facing role.


The Vigor Loop Company is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancies, maternity leave, gender reassignment, race, color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or belief. We are unable to contact every candidate who applies. We will only be able to contact those who are most actively considered for the position due to the large volume of applications we receive.

Constantly growing

The Vigor Loop Corporation anticipates rapid growth and intends to expand internationally, leading to numerous future job vacancies within the company.

We may announce new opportunities through social media. So stay tuned!