According to the Dividends on the Stock Market principle, VIGOR LOOP Company pays regular dividends to its stockholders. In common parlance, Dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholders from its profits.

The unique 70.000.000 OVO Coins created represent the 100% of the VIGOR LOOP Company. You can stake your OVO Coins any day of the month. On the last day of each month the profits, made from the products, are shared among all the investors

All dividends received are subject to tax deductions depending on the country of the investors. It will not be possible to benefit from the stacking function without signing the Contract of ShareHolder, filling up the Tax Declaration of your country and filling up the Vigor Loop Holder Form. Don’t worry you can fill up everything on the dashboard.

The classification



  • STAKING: $150 – $1.499
  • Positions can be cancelled anytime with a 10% fee



  • STAKING: $1.500 – $14.999
  • Positions can be cancelled anytime with a 20% fee
  • 15% discount on all products



  • STAKING: $15.000+
  • Position can be withdrawn after benefits are received
  • 15% discount on all products
  • Access to the investors private channel

The Diamond holders are deprived of the right of withdrawing their stacked coins until the last day of each month. As their investment is considerably higher, it is a rule put into practice to keep the floor price of the OVO Coin preventing a big sale. While the Silver and Platinum holders are taxed when withdrawing their staking positions. These rules are maintaining a healthy evolution of the Coin, the investor will earn at the end of the month the proportional amount of profits made by Vigor Loop. This will not only make our investor feel rewarded and make him reinvest his shares into the staking pool, but also will let other people see the results of the process and give them the aim to obtain some coins and stake them. While the process repeats in a perfect loop, everyone benefits from it. The stackers are earning more and more each month, the price of each OVO Coin keeps growing and the community grows by virtue of the results.